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Best Vegetable Soup Ever

Vegetable soup
Ok, I'm bragging. And worse, it may be more a brag than a blog, in that I made this recipe up as I went along, and might have trouble recreating it. But here, more or less, is what I did. I had a bunch of root vegetables from our farm co-op, several of which mystified me. First, I had two squash that looked like this:


I also had two rutabaga, which looked a little scary:

The Weatherman was kind enough to peel and chop these intimidating items. Meanwhile I chopped two small onions and six large carrots. Then I sauted all of it together in some butter and olive oil, until the vegetables began to soften a little. Then I added a big can of chicken broth (if you are a vegetarian, obviously you could use vegetable broth), and brought the whole thing to a boil. Then I added some salt, pepper and thyme, covered the pot and turned it down to a simmer.

The soup simmered for just over an hour, and then five minute before I served it, I threw in a whole bunch of fresh spinach.

I served it with corn muffins for lunch and it was really delicious. I do have to admit that The Boy came home from college last night, and while he loved the soup, he has also eaten three muffins, some salami, cheese and crackers, cookies, and God knows what else since lunch. And we haven't had dinner yet.


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