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Happy Thanksgiving!

What's Cooking At The White House

Image5351422  Well, yesterday I made the cranberry/orange relish and today I'm making the pumpkin pie and the sweet potato casserole. 

But at the White House last night, at Obama's first state dinner, the menu was not exactly traditional. They were hosting the prime minister of India and his wife, and the food was meant to be a combination of American and Indian flavors.

They began with a potato and eggplant salad, which doesn't sound too tasty to me, even with the addition of White House arugula and onion seed vinaigrette. Then there was red lentil soup with cheese, again - yuch.  Then there were roast potatoes with tomato chutney - still nothing whetting my appetite there. There were two selections for main course - a vegetarian dish of chick peas and okra (yikes!) or - and this is the first thing that sounded tasty - green curry prawns with smoked collard greens and aged coconut basmati rice. Dessert was pear tatin and pumpkin pie tarts.

I voted for Obama. I support the president. He faces daunting tasks with the two wars he didn't start, the economy that he didn't destroy, the health plan that he's trying to get through, etc. etc. But finally, he and I will have to agree to disagree. That menu? Nope. Just too weird. 


White House Chef

Hey Lady -- Regarding eggplant and potato salad, don't knock it til you try it. And chickpeas and okra is damned fine too. I don't suppose you think chicken enchiladas work for everyone, just because your best friend loves them? (Come to think of it . . . perhaps I could get that recipe from you?????)

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