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Where's The Beef?

WheresThebeef No, I'm not talking about the Thanksgiving menu plan. Most people of a certain age will remember the commercial for Wendy's, where an outraged woman looks at a huge bun with a tiny speck of meat, and asks, "Where's the beef?!" Over the years, the term has come to mean "where's the substance?" around an idea.

"Where's The Beef?" is my new writing theme for revisions of chapters one, two and three in the book. I feel pretty good about my ideas, and I have plenty of quotes from mothers across the country to back them up. The beef, in this case, is the scientific literature that backs up this more anecdotal material. 

I have been plowing through all sorts of psychological, psychiatric and "gender studies" literature. I put "gender studies" in quotes, because that is not an academic discipline that existed when I was a young 'un. Academic writing is not for the faint-hearted. Here's a little taste, and this is an abstract, which should be more readable:

"The purpose of this qualitative, descriptive study was to conduct an in-depth exploration of male gender identity as it  unfolds within the early-mother-son matrix. The dialectical relationship between separation and attachment provided the guiding paradigm."

You get the idea. This beef is not always easy to digest. But I think it will add the needed protein to the book and give it in the intellectual heft it needs. 


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