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As_The_World_turns_soap_opera_7  Wanted to briefly acknowledge the passing of As The World Turns, the classic soap opera that was just a little older than myself before CBS pulled the plug on it last week.

I used to watch this soap when I was in high school, and then briefly picked it up again in the mid-80s when I was home with my first baby. (Not all that much had happened in the interim.) The ups and downs of characters in fictional Oakdale kept me entertained during diaper changes. Later, when I was a reporter for the NY Times, I profiled the actress Helen Wagner, who had been on the soap since it launched. She was lovely and gracious, and though I interviewed her at her home, she also invited me to the set, which was great fun for a former fan.

It may not have been high art, but it is a part of Americana that is passing.



I recall you watching this show well into my childhood. Just saying.

The Boy

hehehe... I like Jeanie's comment. I think you stopped before I become conscious of it.

The Weatherman

You also watched another soap- The Young and Restless-before Jeanie was born. I'm just sayin'

Kate Lombardi

You guys are a tough crowd!

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