Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Strange Bedfellow References

Chapter Six Chronicles

Images Yesterday, Chapter Six started pushing 60 pages. And then it came to me: Chapter Six is actually both Chapter Six and Chapter Seven. The reason it has been taking so long is that I am trying to fit  way too much into one chapter. 

And frankly, right now -though it is full of good information and interesting anecdotes - it is kind of a mess. Well, not a mess, but all over the place. Tentatively titled "Let's Hear It From The Boys," this chapter includes the Images thoughts of teenagers, young men and older men about their relationships with their mothers. It covers a range of topics within this umbrella - how they feel about their closeness or lack there of, about breaking away, about how their mother may have influenced their choice of a girlfriend, wife or partner, etc., etc.

But there's also a specific section on football playing sons, followed by wider thoughts on how athletes, both professional and not, relate to their mothers. 

Next, we are onto Great Mama's Boys in history, and while I was primarily focused on presidents and generals, there are plenty of other men I could feature from the arts (Frank Lloyd Wright) or business (Andrew Carnegie). This was what I was researching and writing yesterday.

Anyway, Chapter Six, while actually pretty fun to write, is just rambling along, and it is time to reel it in. If the  "Great Mama's Boys" part is actually Chapter Seven, that's good news. Since  I originally envisioned this as an eight chapter book, that means that I am actually getting there! 


Abbie Verner (Vickie's mom)


A suggestion: Read Adam Hochschild's book "Half the Way Home." It's about his relationship with his father but you can glean a bit about his relationship with his mother.

Abbie Verner

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