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Elusive Search To End Today...I Hope

000391_l I have been trying to track down an article for months. It was written by the historian David McCullough in 1983 and it is about American presidents whom he considered Mama's Boys. How hard could that be to find? Very. I came across a reference to this article in a book published 20 years ago, but alas, the author did not put the citation in her index.

Obviously I have Googled many versions of "David McCullough" "presidents" and "Mama's Boys," not to mention "Mamma's Boys"  (note spelling difference) and gotten absolutely nowhere. I even went to McCullough's publisher's publicist, who was kind enough to get in contact with his agent, who said the author no longer had a copy of that piece, but remembered it and had a vague recollection that it appeared in the down-defunct Omni Magazine.

Sigh. But then there was a break-through. FINALLY I found the article cited in another book, which said it appeared in Psychology Today  27 years ago. Back online to the magazines archives, which only go back to the 1990s. The entire library system in Westchester County? Nope, they don't have it. Oh never mind, you get the idea. Today I am going to the NYC Public Library which has the magazine archives on Microfilm. 

After all this, who knows how relevant the article will be to the book? In the end, the research will probably contribute a sentence or two to Chapter Six. But I offer this long-winded tale to explain why it actually takes so long to write a book. 


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