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Flipping The Channel

Ist2_457588_old_television I barely watch TV and I certainly wasn't going to make an exception for the George Bush/Matt Lauer interview. Starting at about Bush' second term, I could no longer look at his face, let alone listen to his voice, without having a visceral reaction. In fact, when I went to illustrate this blog, I couldn't even stand to have an image of his face on my chronicles and went with this bland TV set instead.

Anyway, I was amused to see that most of the television viewing public didn't want to hear from him either, because according to the ratings, the interview was only 4th it in its time slot; following "Dancing With the Stars," "House," and "Chuck." I'm not sure what this says about the American people, but it's nice to know that even though I've never seen any of these other programs either, I am still part of the mainstream in not tuning into the interview. I did read about it of course; it was kind of like not being able to look away from the scene of a car accident.

George, by the way, was clearly not a Mama's Boy, unlike many other American presidents like FDR, Truman and Johnson. Which reminds me, forget what I said about Chapter Six being finished this week. Not going to happen.



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