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Leftover Candy and Missing the Kids

F61521 "The Kids" are actually in their 20s, but they do still celebrate Halloween. One of them dressed up this year as "Babe Lincoln." As far as I could make out, this involved wearing a stove top hat, a beard and skimpy clothes, and likely involved Evil-Alien-Child-Costume-300x300 explanations all night long. The other was an alien. You may think you know which was which, but you would probably be wrong. 

Meanwhile, I never, ever learn my Halloween candy lesson. That is, I always buy far too much of my favorite candy (Reeses's Peanut Butter Cups, sorry P) and then feign surprise when we have hardly any trick or treaters. You know what that means. 

The book is due three months from today. Maybe the candy will power me through Chapter Six. 


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