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Images-1 I spent most of yesterday hunched over my computer, working on the book. At about 4:30 my neck and shoulders were killing me, and I decided to go workout at the gym. I like to workout in the late afternoon - it's a good  break, it gets my ya-ya's out, and then I'm mentally refreshed. Also it tends to be a quiet time at the gym.

Except, that is, for the first week or two in January. I forgot. It's New Year's resolution time. The gym was absolutely packed, mostly with people I'd never seen before. We regulars know each other, but these were people who had obviously decided that it was time to turn over that new leaf and get moving. But why were they hogging my favorite machines?

That's ok, I remember this happens every year. They'll be gone by early February. I know it's cranky of me, but it's still true.


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