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Look What I Found!

DSCN0719 It only comes once a year. And it was meant to be here in December. I have been scouring the shelves of multiple supermarkets, only to be left disappointed. And then yesterday, I found it! My all-time favorite ice cream, Turkey Hill's Ginger Snap, which is in stores only during the holiday season.

I discovered this amazing product last year. I fell in love.  And then it left me . I blogged about my loss then.

OK - here is the really shameful part. I was so worried about not being able to have my Ginger Snap ice cream that I saved a small amount in my freezer for a year. It was covered with freezer burn and completely lost its texture. This year, I am not going to hoard it, but just enjoy it.

 As for the book, edit, edit, edit, edit. The conclusion isn't written yet either.


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