Goodbye Chapter 8
How Times Have Changed

Why a Good Editor Is Like A Offensive Tackle

Unknown-1 If you've seen the movie "Blindside," you know that offensive tackle Michael Oher says to his family and teammates, "I've got your back." (And given the size of Michael Oher, that's some pretty good protection.)

That's what a good editor does. And it's becoming increasingly clear that I have a really good editor. Yesterday she sent me more detailed edits, and I have to say I agreed with each one. Some are quite specific - "this is an important point; take it out of parenthesis" - some are a bit more general ' "I'd like to see some examples here." And of course the re-write of Chapter 7 is the biggest job of all. 

But the point is, I know she is making this a better book. She's got my back. Phew! 

Note: This blog post has been corrected from an earlier version. The Weatherman pointed out that I had mislabeled Oher's position. He is an offensive, not defensive, tackle. My defense is that I meant no offense by my mistake.


The Weatherman

Michael Oher is an Offensive Lineman. The skills associated with defensive and offensive line play are totally different. Check your facts!

Sports Dunce

The metaphor works for me. I wouldn't know the difference between offensive and defensive. They're just all out there hittin' each other. I'm just sayin'.

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