The Boy Reads The Book
I'm Being Punished Enough


EndNotes AUGH! I was warned. I really was. Keep track of all the material you cite in the book. Do the endnotes or footnotes as you go along. Sure, sure, I thought at the time. The important thing is the narrative - I don't need to be disrupting the writing process by laboriously noting the authors of some study I reference. It will be easy to put all this together at the end.

My friends, crime doesn't pay. I spend five straight hours yesterday documenting the material in Chapter Two. And I'm not near done. With even half of Ch. 2. I'll say this - my book, while not academic, certainly does have scholarly work to back it up. Let's not even discuss the difference between a footnote and an endnote, let alone the different styles in which source material can be cited. Writing - not always the world's most romantic pursuit.



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