Why The "Mommy Wars" is a False Conflict
The Ties That Bind

Another False Dichotomy: Social and Physical Pain

Images-1Recently, I've heard several neuorscientists talk about the biological link between social and physical pain. Closeness with others, these researchers maintain, not only help us cope with social and physical pain, but also helps us live longer. I especially enjoyed the beginning of this  excerpt in Salon from a new book coming out by Leonard Mlodinow ("Sublimation: How Your Unconcious Mind Rules Your Behavior"). Why? Because he hones in on the mother-son bond, of course!

 "I came home from work late one evening, hungry and frustrated, and popped into my mother’s house, which was next door to mine. She was eating a frozen dinner and sipping from a mug of hot water. CNN blared on the TV in the background. She asked how my day had been. I said, “Oh, it was good.” She looked up from her black plastic food tray and, after a moment, said, “No, it wasn’t. What happened? Have some pot roast.” My mother was eighty-eight, hard of hearing, and half blind in her right eye—which was her good eye. But when it came to perceiving her son’s emotions, my mother’s X-ray vision was unimpaired."



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