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This has been a trend for awhile, but I still find it kind of appalling. In "Gender Reveal" parties, the results of a woman's pre-natal sonnogram are sent to a baker. The baker makes a cake with either pink or blue custard or food dye in the cake batter. The expecting parents invite over their friends and family, cut in the cake, and voila - the baby's sex is revealed.

It's not just the public nature of the revelation and the lack of focus on simply hoping for a healthy baby (as someone who had several late miscarriages, I would worry about tempting fate) but also the focus on the pink or blue. The infant hasn't been born, and now we are going to have a party to start building on our preconceptions about just how different that child will be, depending on that x or y chromosome. Because baby boys will be aggressive and curious, and baby girls will be sweet and delicate, and blah blah with the socially-created and then fulfilled expectations.

Clearly feeling a bit cranky this morning. Anyway, here's a video of such an event. 



Jennifer Fink

Wow. I had no idea that such a trend existed! Must we Americans make a big deal out of EVERYTHING?

I feel in the "just want a healthy baby" camp. I had no idea if babies # 1 and 2 were going to be boys or girls before they were born. (Both were boys). With babies #3 and 4, we found out b/c their Dad wanted to know. (Both are also boys) We told people about Baby #3 being a boy before his birth and their response -- disappointment, sad smiles, are you going to keep trying for a girl? -- were enough to convince us to keep the sex of #4 a secret until he was born.

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