Andy Murray - A Mama's Boy?
Another Failure to Launch Movie? Enough Already.

Mothers and Sons - Orca Whale Style

18OBOX3-articleLargeMove over bonobos. Now there's another animal species documented to have a strong mother-son bond. The NYT had the following headline in its science section this week: "Orca Mothers Coddle Adult Sons, Study Finds." It turns out that killer whales stay by their mother's side for their entire lives. Hanging with mom increases your life expectancy - male Orca whales are 8 times more likely to die within a year if they lose their mothers, as compared to female Orca whales, who have only a 3 fold decrease in life expectancy under the same circumstances.

Why? Scientists believe the presence of mothers helps fight off other predatory males. They think it has to do with protecting the species, with mothers nurturing the next generation. (I am unclear why the orca daughters don't need protection, but evidently they don't.)

Anyway, another mother-son bond story, this time from the deep. And you really can't call a killer whale a "Mama's Boy," can you?



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