Another Failure to Launch Movie? Enough Already.

A Hockey Mother-Son Story

Nhl_a_robitaille_d1_576Thanks to My Son for pointing this one out - a classic heart-warmer about NHL great Luc Robitaille and his ailing Mom. He promised he'd bring her home the Stanley Cup and did so - literally. Here's my favorite part:

"In a quiet moment that spectacular day, Robitaille looked at his mother and thought about all the early mornings she drove him to practice, even though she was terrified to drive. Thought about all the times she sat in chilled ice arenas ringing her little bell to cheer for her son, even though she herself hadn't skated in 30 years.Thought about all the times she had flown to meet him in all the places he has played -- L.A., Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York -- even if only for one dinner. And he thought, "This is one of the greatest moments of my life."

Check out the whole story here





Your Roomie

OMG, what a beautiful story! Made me tear up, of course. Thanks for sharing.

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