Mothers and Sons - Orca Whale Style
A Hockey Mother-Son Story

Another Failure to Launch Movie? Enough Already.

ImagesWhen I was promoting my book last spring, it seemed like every time I made an appearance on TV or on the radio, I was introduced with a clip that showed the supposed perils of a close mother-son relationship. Among the material used was "Throw Momma From The Train", "Failure To Launch" and of course, "Psycho." We know the drill - any man who is an adult and close to his mom must be either hopelessly immature and withdrawn from life or an out-and-out psycho. No where to be found is a portrayal of a healthy relationship in which mom and son are close, but the son is a healthy, independent man - you know, like the hundreds of guys I interviewed for my book.

ANYWAY, here come's the latest - "Jeff Who Lives At Home" which apparently is another dysfunctional grown man living in his mother's basement. I haven't seen it - it may be a good movie, who knows. But I am SO tired of this stereotype!


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