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ImagesI back up all the work from my MacBook Pro to an external hard drive. Like all things in my house, it stopped working - the backup that is.  Every day an ominous warning appears on my desk top. You haven't backed up your data in 63 days! 64 days! 65 days....

I called Apple Care for help.  The woman listened, asked me to again explain the problem, and then said she needed to reach out to a supervisor. About 10 minutes later she was back. 

This was her troubleshooting suggestion: wipe out the computer hard drive and try again.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?"

"Let's just start you with a clean hard drive."

"You want me to wipe out my computer's hard drive?


"Why would I want to do that? Years of work! I just told you, I can't back up anything."

"That's all we can suggest from here."

Maybe I'll try the Genius Bar next.




Joanne Dobson

There’s a metaphor in here, somewhere. I just wish I knew what it is.

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