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Two New Ways To Worry

A Seamlessly Integrated Post

ImagesWhen I was writing for the New York Times, one of my editors would occasionally scribble "MEGO" next to a paragraph. MEGO was not a complement. It was short  for "My Eyes Glaze Over." The passage was too long, or too technical, or overly complicated or just plain boring.

MEGO came to mind this week as I was reviewing some documents for a long-term group project. God help me, I've been assigned to the "Marketing Committee."  I already want to shoot myself. Why can't people in this field use language normally?

Phrases that make me insane: -"Seamlessly integrated," "The view from 30,000 feet," "Baking assumptions into the numbers," "Slicing the data," "Value add," "Optimizing," "Influencer," "Brand Awareness," "Synergy"  and - worst of all - "Crystallizing our vision." 



Sally Fri

Don’t forget “low hanging fruit”

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