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Two New Ways To Worry

Download-1Anxiety Girl wants to have it both ways with antibiotics. I've been sick quite a lot this summer, with everything from acute bronchitis to an infection of .... well, let's skip the details. The point is, I've been on a lot of different antibiotics.

On the one hand, I'm so grateful that these medications exist. To finally stop coughing, burning, whatever - and know you are on the mend.  I promise I never take these meds for colds or any other viral ailment - only confirmed bacterial infections.

Anxiety Girl thinks of all the times she would have been dead, but for the existence of antibiotics. I'd certainly never had made it to this summer. Before the discovery of penicillin, average life expectancy from birth was 47 years. 

But I worry about antibiotic resistance. Already I've had a few infections that did not respond to the first antibiotic tried. Meanwhile, I faithfully pop a pro-biotic in my mouth every morning, to try to keep my stomach from complete rebellion. 

So I worry if I do, and I worry if I don't. Fortunately, (or is it unfortunately?) anxiety can NOT be treated by antibiotics.






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