The Reality Gap Widens

The "Medicine Cabinet"

Download-3Until three years ago, I took no prescription medication. But now all medical hell has broken loose, and the pill boxes are piling up. (Don't ask - it's a mess of issues.) 

As in many homes, my bathroom has medicine cabinets. The mirrors over the sink open to lovely glass shelves, many of which are now jammed with prescription bottles. On top of that, I have resorted to those little plastic Monday-Sunday pill organizers, which also live with the bottles.

That all seemed fine, though humiliating, until I realized that every medicine I take says "do not store in bathroom."  According to pharmacists, medicines degrade in light, humidity and moisture. Well sheez. Why are they called "medicine cabinets" and where am I supposed to put all these bottles instead?

I don't want them in the kitchen, which I might add also has moisture and heat. Besides, medications are private - you don't want people coming upon them. I guess I have to stick them somewhere in a drawer in the bedroom, but that begs another question. How will I remember they are there and that I need to take them? 

Getting older sucks.



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