Hamlet, Anxiety-Girl Style

Car Clocks and Language Warning

There are many reasons to dislike Daylight Savings Time - not the least that by 5 pm it's dark and I'm ready for bed. But now there's a new challenge. Last year, I bought a new Suburu. I love Suburus -they are safe, comfortable and not wildly expensive. But setting the clock in the new car...OMG. 

Like the guy in this video, I can do a lot of things, and to brag for a moment, I've published more than 1000 articles in the NYT, AND I can make an excellent cheese souffle. But I CAN NOT program my car clock. Warning: this guy has a potty mouth - do not view if bad language offends you. Do view if your appliances have now become smarter than you are.




Forest Bathing


I've been reading about "forest bathing" for awhile. The term refers to a Japanese practice of experiencing the forest through the senses. You're in the woods to to smell, listen, and breath, but not to hike, jog or otherwise exercise. 

Forest bathing is meant to be healing. In fact, a recent NYT article looked at the practice medically, measuring blood pressure, cortisol levels, mood, and more. The conclusion: not enough evidence-based science to prove the benefits.

Oh come on. Everyone knows that being in nature is both calming and rejuvenating. And it doesn't need to be the woods. Sitting by a lake, atop a mountain, in a meadow, watching waves roll in -all have the same effect. 

I love being outdoors. In fact,  I'm up in the Adirondack forest pictured above as I write this.   I don't need a blood pressure cuff to tell me how soothing it is.

Now "Forest Bathing" has become a "thing," with spas offering forest bathing for a fee. Seriously. Trained guides will take you through it. 

Here - this is free: go to a beautiful outdoor place. Sit down. Breath deeply. Breath slowly. Listen to the sounds. Take in the smells. Notice the changing light. Rinse and repeat, until you don't have to even think about these steps and do it naturally.